Smart Themostats in Steel-Cross

Smart Thermostats that optimise your boiler’s efficiency

The intuitive control features of a smart thermostat make it possible to better access the full advantages of a boiler. Glow Worm, Worcester, Valliant are but a few leading boiler manufacturers who also create smart thermostats that are highly effective and can be installed by us. Smart thermostats come highly recommended by us because of how impressive they are when it comes to helping better control, monitor, and reduce a home’s energy consumption If your goal is to spend less money while enjoying your heating system with little hassle, getting a smart thermostat is a smart choice to make.

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Get a Smart Thermostat to improve the convenience of using your boiler

Asides from being ineffective, certain boiler thermostats can be a chore to use. This is clearly not a good thing because thermostats are essential if a homeowner is to get desired results from a boiler. A user will be unable to properly utilise a boiler without a thermostat. On the other hand, a boiler can be optimally utilised if a user friendly thermostat is in place. Smart thermostats can be used at anytime from anywhere to control a heating system.

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They usually deliver great results by being controlled via an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. By using a smart thermostat, a home’s boiler can be switched off/on or efficiently regulated without being even in the same country as the boiler. This means if you are far away in another country, you can still easily control and monitor your home’s heating with a smart thermostat installed by us. This makes it possible to sufficiently heat a home and have it warmed up prior to your arrival, thus ensuring it will cosy by the time you walk in.

There is so much more to enjoy with the constant and instant connectivity of an installed smart thermostat. Call ACEs Plumbing and Heating and have the ideal smart thermostat for your home installed. We are more than happy to provide any advice or guidance you might need if you are unsure what smart thermostat to have installed.

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Increase your home’s comfortability and reduce heating costs with a Smart Thermostat

Basic boiler control functions are all that can be got from simple thermostats. With a smart thermostat, real time and clear information pertaining to the operating status of a boiler is available. Also, smart thermostats make it possible to have better control over the intricate capabilities of a heating system. You will be able to competently control and monitor the level of heating of each room connected to your heating system when the right boiler is paired with the right thermostat

Quick installation at great prices of a Smart Thermostat that works best for you

Smart thermostats are designed to be easily and quickly installed. Our technicians have the capability and training to efficiently install a smart thermostat that will work best with your installed heating system. Also, because we aim to have you pay less for the most comfort from your boiler, we provide professional installation of smart thermostats at very competitive prices. For recommendation on what smart thermostat will best serve your home and a free quote, contact us now on 01273 257 225 .

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Various Smart Thermostats you can enjoy from different boiler brand leaders.

Valliant smart controller

The Valliant brand offers an impressive and cost efficient smart thermostat that works with a wide range of mobile devices. The mobile app is easy to use and the system is capable of continuously learning and evolving its ability to better heat a home.

Worcester Smart Thermostat

The Wave from Worcester is a smart programmable heating control system. It manages and regulates central heating and hot water via a smart device. It also has advanced control features such as weather and load compensation which generally improve a boiler’s performance.

Glow Worm Thermostat

Glow Worm’s MiGo is an efficient smart thermostat that controls hot water and the heating of a home from either within or outside the building. It also reduces energy consumption and saves money.

Smart Thermostats from any other brand of your choosing

We have other smart thermostat brands that we can put in place for you. It all depends on your heating needs and what smart thermostat is right for your installed boiler.

Smart Thermostat installation by ACEs Plumbing and Heating to boost your home’s heating efficacy.

Due to the versatile nature of smart thermostats, they are easily programmable to meet your needs for different times and days. If you prefer, the settings on the programming can be again changed to boost your enjoyment of a heating system. Various types of heating needs can be matched with the several advanced settings of smart thermostats. Also, studies have shown that a smart thermostat is capable of cutting a home’s utility bills by at least 10%. This implies this useful tool not only heightens your home’s luxury, but also its cost and energy efficiency. Get a smart thermostat to wholly improve your home’s heating efficiency. Let us put one in place for you today!

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