Smart Themostats in Sompting

Boost your boiler’s effectiveness with a Smart Thermostat

The intuitive control features of a smart thermostat make it possible to better access the full advantages of a boiler. Many top boiler brands like Glow Worm, Valliant, Worcester, and so on, manufacture impressive smart thermostats that we can install in your home. Smart thermostat installation is something we often recommend because of how competent the system is at helping improve control, monitoring, and reduction of a home’s energy consumption. If you are looking to get the most out of your heating system at less cost and with less stress, a smart thermostat is definitely a smart option.

What we Guarantee:

  • Competitive prices
  • Satisfying services
  • Exemplary results
  • Fast installation

Enjoy increased user friendliness of your boiler with Smart Thermostats

Not only are some boiler thermostats ineffective, they can also be difficult to use. This is clearly not a good thing because thermostats are essential if a homeowner is to get desired results from a boiler. Without an effective thermostat, a homeowner will be unable to properly interface with a boiler and properly heat a premises. But if a user friendly thermostat is in place, a homeowner can make use of a boiler in any manner he/she sees fit. Smart thermostats can be used at anytime from anywhere to control a heating system.

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They often deliver impressive results by working with an app installed on a smart device. With the use of a smart thermostat, a heating system can be effectively controlled or switched on/off without the user being in the same location as the heating system. This means direct control can still be had over your heating system and you can monitor it in real time while far away in another country with a smart thermostat installed by us. This makes it possible to successfully warm your home prior to your arrival and enter a home that’s welcoming and already comfortable.

There is so much more to enjoy with the constant and instant connectivity of an installed smart thermostat. Get in touch with ACEs Plumbing and Heating to get a smart thermostat of your choice installed. If you don’t know what smart thermostat is right for your needs, we can guide you towards finding the right one.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

Use a Smart Thermostat to cut down costs and improve the luxury of your home.

Simple thermostats come with only basic boiler control functions. Detailed information pertaining to the status of a heating system can be had via a smart thermostat. Also, a home with a smart thermostat has greater access to the capabilities and functionalities of an in place boiler. When the right boiler is paired with the right thermostat, you have the power to effectively regulate and monitor the heating levels of all rooms serviced by your installed heating system.

Quick installation at great prices of a Smart Thermostat that works best for you

Smart thermostats are designed to be easily and quickly installed. Our engineers have the specialised skill and tools necessary to competently attach to your installed boiler a compatible smart thermostat. Because we want you to enjoy the most benefits from your boiler at the least possible cost, our smart thermostat installation services come at incredibly competitive prices. For recommendation on what smart thermostat will best serve your home and a free quote, contact us now on 01273 257 225 .

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Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

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ACEs Plumbing and Heating have been working hard and satisfying the needs of Sompting residents for over 10 years now. Our plumbing and heating services have proven to be ahead of those of the competition and a guarantee of beyond satisfactory heating results. The high praise we have received from satisfied clients on platforms such as Rated People and TrustaTrader are clear proof of our competence. If you are a resident of Sompting and you are interested in quality heating services, talk to us today on 01273 257 225 . Our personnel will arrive at your home shortly after your call to take care of your heating needs.

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Choose a Smart Thermostat from a trusted boiler brand your prefer

Valliant Thermostats

The smart thermostat by Valliant is an impressive performer, pocket-friendly, and it comes with a mobile app that’s compatible with various tablets and smartphones. It is a self-learning system that keeps improving its ability to efficiently heat a home according to the preferences of residents and its app has an easy to use interface.


The Wave is a smart programmable control from Worcester. It regulates and manages a home’s central heating and hot water with the use of a smart device. It also has increased control options such as load and weather compensation which can significantly improve a boiler’s performance.

Glow Worm

The excellent smart thermostat from Glow Worm, MiGo, is capable of remotely controlling and monitoring a home’s hot water supply and heating. Making use of it saves cost on utility bills by minimising energy consumption.

Smart Thermostats from any other brand of your choosing

There are available other smart thermostat brands that we can install in your home. It all depends on what is ideal for your home and your preference.

Optimise your property’s heating with a Smart Thermostat installed by ACEs Plumbing and Heating

Due to the versatile nature of smart thermostats, they are easily programmable to meet your needs for different times and days. If you prefer, programming settings can be changed at a later date to match new needs you might require of your boiler. There’s a smart thermostat setting to suit all sorts of heating needs. Also, independent studies have proven that a smart thermostat can reduce a home’s utility bills by up to 15%. This means this brilliant device not only boosts your home’s convenience but also cuts down its expenses. Completely increase the heating efficiency of your home by getting a smart thermostat. Have us install one for you today!

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