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When you shop for a central heating engineer, you want a lasting solution to your heating needs. In addition to efficiency, you also want these solutions to be provided instantly. While there several heating engineers available, how do you know who is right for you? Will the engineer have an empathetic attitude? Is their work process going to be invasive on your property? Is the quotation fixed from the start or will you get a surprising bill at the end? These are necessary questions you should ask yourself about the heating engineer or service. We address these issues and more at ACE Plumbing and Heating so you don’t have anything to worry about. Let us resolve your heating system for you. In need of a central heating engineer you can rely on?

The principle behind Central heating

It is easier to know what a heating engineer does when you understand the mechanics of your central heating system. Central heating is simply distributing heat equally, from a central heating point or source to other areas inside a building. This uniform heat distribution is effected through a network of pipes carrying warm water. The pipe network may be attached to radiators in the rooms or arranged in loops below the floor for underfloor heating.

Heating systems that use radiators require high temperatures, whereas underfloor heating works using low temperature from any source of heat.

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The hot source could be an Air to Water heat pump, Wood Boiler, Gas Boiler or a Diesel Boiler. The job of a central heating engineer is to keep your property’s heating system in top conditions at all times.

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Information about a Central Heating Engineer

How do you pick a suitable heating engineer? One of the first things to know is, are they Gas-safe registered? This is a compulsory legal obligation, particularly for natural gas or LPG boiler. It is also important to know if they are approved by the boiler manufacturer. Some boiler company’s cancel their warranty if an un-accredited engineer serviced their boiler.

Finally, the engineer must either work with a vetted service, or be credible. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, our central engineers are not only approved by major boiler manufacturers but Gas-safe registered. Rest assured your heating will be in professional hands.

Gas-safe registered engineer

Every central heating engineer needs to be Gas-safe registered. This is to provide a more secure environment for owners of a gas-based heating system. The Gas-safe Register is an organisation that seeks to provide energy safety by adopting measures including examination of heating engineers. All ACE’s Plumbing and Heating engineers are Gas-safe compliant.

We also ensure that they remain updated in industry best practices every year. Our professional engineers can also help purchase the right heating system for your home. A gas-safe registered professional will be at your home as soon as you call.

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Central heating consultation

Central heating recommendation services It can be a handful at times to make decisions on your central heating system. When installing a new heating system, knowing the right type is vital. For instance, which heating system is right for my home, an under floor one or a radiator system? When are they most efficient? How expensive is a central heating system? At ACE Plumbing and Heating, a consultant is ready to answer all your queries. Our engineers can help you with insight about your central heating.

Installing a Central heating system

When you purchase a suitable system, the next step is an installation. Key components such as the boiler or radiator should be placed in a central area. This will make for even heat distribution around the rooms. A properly-located heating system is necessary for convenience for occupants in the home. The ACE Plumbing and Heating process of installation is uncomplicated and convenient. Our customers are bound to receive complete satisfaction.

Central Heating system repairs

With time, some parts of a heating system may become defective. The gasket and seal, for example, can wear off and must be replaced immediately. Prior to making suggestions, our engineers conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test first. We always present a fixed cost and if we need to make additional purchases, we inform you before taking the decision. We aim to deliver seamless heating solutions that are both cheaper and durable for our customers.

Central heating maintenance

We pointed out how vital your heating engineer’s credentials are to your central heating. Boiler manufacturers are very meticulous about their product maintenance. Failing to maintain your system annually could lose you its warranty. Conversely, using an un-approved heating engineer could also lose you the warranty. At ACE Plumbing and Heating company, our engineers are approved by the UK’s leading heating companies. Take advantage of our central heating engineers to improve your system’s efficiency and drive down energy costs.

Proficient Central Heating Engineers

Since we began operations about 20 years ago, we have built a reputation for service excellence in Offham. We know for certain that our central heating engineers are among the best in Offham. Our engineers have many years of experience between them. They are not only authorised by heating system manufacturers, they are also Gas-safe registered.

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