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When searching for a central heating engineer, you want efficient heating solutions. In addition to efficiency, you also want these solutions to be provided instantly. While there several heating engineers available, how do you know who is right for you? Does the engineer have a customer-oriented attitude? Is their work process going to be invasive on your property? Is a fixed rate going to be issued from the beginning or will you be surprised by the bill at the end? These are important things you would like to know about a heating engineer or company. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, these concerns are addressed positively so you needn’t worry. Let us get your central heating functional again. Want a central heating engineer you can trust?

What is central heating?

Knowing how Central Heating works helps understand more, the role of a heating engineer. Central heating is the even distribution of heat to the entire home from a central heat source or point. A network of pipes carrying warm water makes the even heat distribution possible. The pipe network may be fitted to radiators in the room or placed under the floor as in the case of underfloor heating.

Radiator-operated heating systems require high heat but underfloor heating systems need low heat from a hot source.

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The source of heat for low temperature could be a Diesel Boiler, Air to Water heat pump, Wood Boiler or a Gas Boiler. It is the job of a central heating engineer to ensure your building’s heating system is always efficient.

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A Central Heating Engineer; things to know

What makes a central heating engineer an ideal choice? First of all, are they Gas-safe registered? This is mandated by the law, especially if you use a natural gas or LPG boiler. The next step is to determine if the engineer is authorised by the boiler company. Some boiler company’s cancel their warranty if an un-accredited engineer serviced their boiler.

To sum up, the engineer must be trustworthy- or part of a reputable company. All ACE Plumbing and Heating central engineers are Gas-safe registered, boiler-service approved and trustworthy. Rest assured your heating will be in professional hands.

Gas-safe registered engineer

All central heating engineers are required to be Gas-safe registered. Especially as it helps drive safety measures around gas-type heating systems. The Gas-safe Register is a self-regulating organisation that vets the capability of heating engineers in the UK to work on gas-appliances. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, our heating engineers must be Gas-safe professionals.

We also make sure they are kept abreast of recent safety standards. Our professional engineers can also help purchase the right heating system for your home. A gas-safe registered professional will be at your home as soon as you call.

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ACE Plumbing and Heating; service functions

Central heating recommendation services

Central heating consultation At times, taking a decisive solution on your central heating can be a difficult one. Prior to an installation, it is essential to know the type of heating that is suitable for your property. For example, is a radiator heater a better option than an under floor heater? Under what conditions does it work best? How much does it cost to install a central heating system? At ACE Plumbing and Heating, the answers to your inquiries will be gladly provided by an expert. Our engineers provide valuable information for your central heating needs.

Installing a Central heating system

An installation is usually the next step after a purchase. The boiler or radiator should be set up in a central position. This will facilitate the uniform distribution of heat in the rooms. A well-positioned heating system will also provide convenience for members of the household. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, we have a smooth and seamless installation procedure. Our customers are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied.

Central Heating system repairs

A central heating system tends to malfunction with time. The gasket and seal, for example, can wear off and must be replaced immediately. We usually carry out a complete survey to identify the fault before proffering any solutions. Our rates are standard, however, where we have extra costs, we will let you know first. We aim to deliver seamless heating solutions that are both cheaper and durable for our customers.

Central heating servicing

We previously mentioned how critical your heating engineer’s qualifications are to your central heating. Boiler manufacturers are very meticulous about their product maintenance. You could void your warranty by not maintaining your heating system in 12 months. Also, an engineer without requisite approval can lose you the warranty too. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, we are authorised dealers for major heating companies in the UK. Take advantage of our central heating engineers to improve your system’s efficiency and drive down energy costs.

Qualified Central Heating Engineers

Since we opened for business 2 decades ago, our commitment to service excellence is known around Bells-Yew-Green. We have some of the best central heating engineers in Bells-Yew-Green. Our engineers are highly experienced with several decades in the industry. They are not only authorised by heating system manufacturers, they are also Gas-safe registered.

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